Saturday, June 27, 2015

Link-Up Listings

Last night, something big happened to me... I posted on the TpT Tips and Tidbits page about link-ups and linky parties. As a new blogger, this is something new to me and I want to gain as much knowledge as possible!

Well, a small post turned into a HUGE collaboration on a Google Sheet! I created a Link-Up Listings document for bloggers to have one location where many different link-ups and linky parties are organized. Bloggers can easily click on the tab of which day they want to search for, and then be given a list of different link-ups to participate in! What a perfect idea for those of us who obsess over organizing things. ;)

To access the google sheet, please send me an email at, or comment below with your email address.  I would love to share this document with as many bloggers as possible! 

Below you will find some tips for using and editing this document. Also, a HUGE thanks to all of you TpT Seller Challenge bloggers for making our lives just a little bit easier by joining and collaborating with us newbies! :)

There are 8 tabs at the bottom of the sheet. One occasional tab, and one tab for every day of the week. If there is a link-up that does not happen every week, please post it under the occasional tab.

When you click a day of the week, it will bring up any link-ups that happen every week on that day. 

There really isn't any more to it than that! Remember to email me or comment below if you have any questions or suggestions! I can't wait to start linking-up with y'all!