Thursday, June 25, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge Week 1: Makeover Madness

Last week, I joined in the TpT Sellers Challenge hosted by four impressive teacher-bloggers! I couldn't wait to join the challenge, but was extremely hesitant in starting my own blog. I figured that I could squeeze by by only posting to other social media outlets. (Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook too!) Little did I know by Week 2 I'd be 1,000 times more motivated to start my own blog!

Week 1's challenge was easy for me. I have been selling on TpT for almost 4 years now (WHAT?!), but have only been pushing my store for the last 6-8 months. There are several products in my store that need made over, being that I moved not only grade levels, but states and curricula as well!

My first makeover was a Gravity PowerPoint that I created and began using when I taught in Florida. Look at that ugly before! This product got an updated cover and went from 7 slides to 15 slides! I love putting these two covers side by side... it really shows me how far I've come with designing! You can find this product in my TpT here.

I was so inspired (and embarrassed by my other product covers!) that I did a second makeover in the same week! This product got an updated cover and went from 11 to 18 slides. It's amazing what a little push from some online friends will do for you! You can find this product here.

My plan to continue this Makeover Madness is to update one product a week (at least). I think this goal will really help in not only making over my TpT products, but my shop as well!

To celebrate the new The Berry Hill blog and Facebook page, ALL of my products in my TpT store will be 20% off through the weekend! Don't forget to leave feedback and earn those TpT credits!