Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two for Tuesday | My First Link-Up!

Hi there! Today I am linking up (for the first time!) with Chalk One Up for the Teacher for 2 for Tuesday! Two of my TpT products will be on sale through Friday... you don't want to miss it!

Since July is approaching so quickly, and before we know it school will be back in session (what?!?), I decided to put two special products on sale this week. 

Student Data Tracking Folder

First up is the Student Data Folder that I use for my students' to track their data in the classroom. We all know how much the word data is stressed... why not put it in the students' hands??? Students quickly became familiar with when and how to use their folders, and before long it became a part of their routine and I no longer had to remind them to record their data!

Included in this product are 10 pages of graphs, including spelling tests, fluency, AR points, test data, assessment data, as well as a weekly reflection sheet! Check out this product here and look at the preview for more pictures.

Beginning of the Year (BoY) Big Bundle - Zebra Print

Next up is a brand new product I created for my classroom next year... a zebra print and brights Beginning of the Year Bundle! 120 pages of everything you need to set up your classroom just with a click of the print button. Check out this product here and check out the preview to see what all is included!

I would like to create this bundle in different themes as well, but do not know what to start with. What do y'all think? What is your classroom theme? What should I do next with this product?