Saturday, July 11, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge Week 4: Follow Frenzy

What a month! Without the TpT Seller Challenge, I never would have had the courage and motivation to start a blog! Some wonderful things have come from this challenge, including LOTS of new friends and blogs to follow. I have officially become obsessed with the social media world! (Teaching social media world, that is.)

Since the challenge started, I began following a numerous amount of new bloggers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, BlogLovin', Periscope... you name it! However, I have been silently stalking keeping up with a few specific bloggers! Click their buttons below to head on over to their blogs and check them out as well. You will not be disappointed!



A shout out to the four ladies who started the challenge... thank you for everything you have done to make sure this was a great boost and motivator for every TpT seller who participated! It would not have been done without you!!!