Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2015-2016 Classroom Reveal!

Just a tad bit late!

We are already seven weeks into this school year... it is so hard to believe! Time flies when you're having fun, right?

I have been so busy being attentive to my students, curriculum, classroom, and personal life that I have neglected the blog for a while now. However, I am back and ready to share our second home with you!

A new grade level brings a new classroom. It was quite a task packing up all of my things from my 4th grade room (miss you, teammates!)  and moving. My favorite part of my new room is the open cabinet space. It is easily accessible for my students, which is something I lacked last year!

I used the Paint program on each of my computers to number them and accessorize with bright colors. Some students are assigned computers in order to avoid distractions.

Anchor charts are my FAVORITE! We have been encouraged to use them more and more, as well as make them interactive for students. I took the idea of framing my anchor charts with border off of Pinterest.
I have a combo of tables and desks that my students use. Each table and my front row has a Table Toolbox, which contains Post-Its, pens, highlighters, glue, and scissors. This significantly helps with traffic to community supplies and is easily accessible to students throughout the whole day!

Excuse the mess, we're busy working!

We are required to place I Can statements at each of our centers now. I am working on all 3rd grade standards which will eventually be put in my TpT shop!

Cubbies hold our workbooks, notebooks, and center folders! On the edges of cubbies, I hot-glued clothespins. This is where students hang their homework... as you can see, some will have to play catch-up this week before Friday comes!

My students have been exceeding all of my expectations this year. I haven't used a formal teacher desk for three years now, and that's the way I like it. I have a table for my laptop, and use my garage-sale ($10!!!) drawers for all of my supplies, paper, etc.


As you can see, my classroom is currently a HOT MESS! I am typically a clean freak, but (believe it or not) when it comes to my classroom, I can appreciate disorder. Please tell me I am not the only one?!?