Thursday, March 10, 2016

Prefix & Suffix Collections in Google Slides

The Berry Hill

Google Classroom has 100% helped me manage my time more wisely this year. Not to mention the weight of the workload I take home at night... which may or may not continue to sit untouched once I get home.




This week I took my Prefix and Suffix Collections and decided that I wanted to save paper and put the packet online! I created each graphic organizer in PowerPoint, then saved it as an image. I then put each background in my Slides assignment so students could not alter or move the image on the Slides. I use Google Classroom to assign this work, but there are so many other possibilities as well! And if you aren't using Google Classroom and your students have Google accounts... you need to get on that ASAP.

Students complete the first three sections, then use the link which directs them to Safe Search Images for Kids (by Google). You can save each assignment as a PDF, images, whatever you like!

Below are some examples done by my third graders. (These are the mediocre layouts that I started with... the new Prefix and Suffix Collections are MUCH more appealing to the eye! Find them HERE!)

Pre and Suff Collections.png