Hi! I'm Emilee, a third-turned-fourth-turned-third grade teacher! 

I started out teaching in Lake Mary, Florida, which is also where I grew up! I taught 3rd grade for two and a half years in the same school district I spent my school days as a student.

After that time teaching in Florida, I moved to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi to spend my time with my boyfriend, Mike. Leaving my family, friends, and first job behind was difficult... but looking back, I wouldn't change a thing! God's plan and timing are always perfect.

For the last two and a half years, I taught fourth grade here on the Gulf Coast. Next school year, I will be moving back down to third grade. Teaching fourth grade has shown me my passion for teaching intermediate grade levels, and I hope that after this school year I will be able to loop up with my students!

Mike and I have three dogs, all who have a special place in our hearts. The oldest, Padolski, is a 7 year old rescue from Jacksonville, FL. Ellie is the middle child at 4 years old... I adopted her while living in Orlando. Bryant is the baby, and he knows it! He is a 2 year old that we rescued from here on the Gulf Coast. We love them immensely!

I was very intimidated and nervous to start a blog, but I look forward to sharing my classroom and resources with the world! I have come to learn so much from fellow teachers online; I hope that I can do the same for others!